Friday, December 21, 2018

No Show Dec. 24, 2018

Cassettes from the 1369 Club Boston, MA of the Paul Motian
Trio with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell  June 8, 1985.

A reminder that there is no show this week. But I wanted to share that I found a tape of the Paul Motian Trio at the 1369 Club in Boston. A different date than the one Paul mentioned in his notebook, but it has some fantastic tunes! I will get it digitized so I can play it on a future show. Next show is January 7, 2019. Here's to a peaceful New Year for all.


  1. Cindy, do you if ECM will release any Motian posthumous release? I still miss him so much. Sometimes I just listen to the old records thinking "what if Mr. Eicher has some kind of 'New York Tapes' by Motian/Frisell/Lovano to release?" But I think it's just a dream...

    Thanks for the wonderful work here.

  2. ECM doesn't have anything that I know of. Search this blog for 'unreleased' and shows will come up where I play unreleased recordings. The problem with releasing these recordings has to do with complicated recording rights issues.


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