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Set List 04_23_18

Uncle Paul's Jazz Closet

Motian Survey: 1955-2011

Parts 1 & 2

Paul Motian 2006 photo ©Cindy McGuirl

Listen to hear the evolution of Paul Motian's drumming and music.

Hal Stein
Warren Fitzgerald

(Warren Fitzgerald)
July 19 & 20
Progressive Records/Century Records Japan Hal Stein alto sax; Warren Fitzgerald trumpet; Bob Dorough piano; Alphonso Cotton bass; Paul Motian drums
New Jazz 
(Bill Evans)
Sept 18 & 27 1956 Riverside Bill Evans piano; Teddy Kotick bass; Paul Motian drums
Warne Marsh

1958 Atlantic Warne Marsh tenor sax; Paul Chambers bass; Paul Motian drums

The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961 All of You (take 1)
(Cole Porter)
1961/2003 Riverside Bill Evans piano; Scott LaFaro bass; Paul Motian drums
Paul Bley with
Gary Peacock

When Will the Blues Leave
(Ornette Coleman)
1964/1970 ECM Paul Bley piano; Gary Peacock bass; Paul Motian drums
Somewhere Before/ Live At Shelly’s Manne-Hole Pouts’ Over (and the Day’s Not Through)
(Keith Jarrett)

1968 Atlantic Jazz Keith Jarrett piano; Charlie Haden bass; Paul Motian drums
Conception Vessel Rebica
(Paul Motian)
1972 ECM Paul Motian percussion; Charlie Haden bass; Sam Brown guitar
Silence Mushi Mushi
(Dewey Redman)
1977 Impulse Keith Jarrett piano; Dewey Redman tenor sax; Charlie Haden bass; Paul Motian drums
Dance Kalypso
(Paul Motian)
1977/1978 ECM Paul Motian drums; Charles Brackeen saxophone; David Izenzon bass
2nd Hour
The Story of Maryam The Story of 
(Paul Motian)

rec. July 1983/1984 Soul Note Joe Lovano tenor sax; Jim Pepper tenor & soprano sax; Bill Frisell guitar; Ed Schuller bass; Paul Motian drums
Fragments For the Love of Sarah
(Paul Motian)
1986 ECM Paul Bley piano; Bill Frisell guitar; John Surman soprano and baritone sax, bass clarinet; Paul Motian drums
In The Year of the Dragon Oblivion
(Bud Powell)
1989 JMT/Winter & Winter Geri Allen piano; Charlie Haden bass; Paul Motian drums
At The Deer Head Inn You and the Night and the Music
1992 ECM Keith Jarrett piano; Gary Peacock bass; Paul Motian drums
Nothing Ever Was, Anyway cartoon
(Annette Peacock )
1997 ECM Marilyn Crispell piano; Gary Peacock double- bass; Paul Motian drums
Europe Fiasco
(Paul Motian)
2001 Winter & Winter Steve Cardenas , Ben Monder guitar; Anders Christiansen electric bass; Paul Motian drums; Chris Cheek tenor sax; Pietro Tonolo tenor & soprano sax
Garden of Eden Endless
(Paul Motian)
2006 ECM Chris Cheek, Tony Malaby saxophones; Steve Cardenas, Ben Monder, Jakob Bro guitars; Jerome Harris bass; Paul Motian drums
Sunrise So What Variations
ECM Masabumi Kikuchi piano;
Thomas Morgan bass; Paul
Motian drums
Pieranunzi Live At the Village Vanguard My Funny Valentine
(Richard Rodgers)
rec. 2010
CAM Jazz
Paul Motian drums; Marc Johnson bass; Enrico Pieranunzi piano
The Windmills of Your Mind The Windmills of Your Mind
2011 Winter & Winter Thomas Morgan bass; Paul Motian drums; Petra Haden vocals; Bill Frisell guitar

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